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“Jim Trippon is the China Stock Guru.” -- Neil Cavuto, Fox Business News

What do George Soros, Jim Rogers, Morgan Stanley and Jim Trippon know about the China stock markets that you don’t?

  1. Billionaire Soros recently put $126 million of his own money into China IPOs.
  2. Financial guru Rogers relocated to China to analyze the amazing economic growth for himself
  3. Analysts at Morgan Stanley are flashing a bright green “BUY” signal for China stocks
  4. And Jim Trippon has invested in China for over 27 years, making fortunes for himself and his lucky clients


The difference between the other mega-wealthy investors and Jim Trippon? Jim is the only one willing to reveal his secrets of successful China stock investing. They are on this website. Read on for the exciting details…

  • Six Reasons Why China Stocks Will Rise

    The Underappreciated Bullish Consequences of China’s Yuan Move About: yuan, Shanghai Composite Index, China ADR Index, China’s economy, Beijing, Bank of China, Chinese stock market, Chinese stocks I couldn’t help but laugh as I read the first bloggers’ comments about China’s decision to allow the yuan to be unpegged for the first time in two [...]

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  • Finally, Beijing Takes Action

    China’s Black Hole Investment and What’s Being Done to Fill It About: China’s economy, Beijing, stock markets, Chinese exports, Chinese stock market, Chinese stocks, China’s real estate Beijing has done a great job of sparking China’s economy. The global financial crisis continues. But China is almost out of the woods. Except for one big problem. [...]

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  • China Inc. Blows Past Expectations, Lifts Markets

    China Leads World Markets Out of Slump About: PIIGS (Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece & Spain), global economic recovery, Chinese exports, Chinese stock market, Chinese stocks, China’s real estate market Europe’s debt fever is infecting markets around the world, raising investor fears that global economic recovery could be ruined by a default among the PIIGS (Portugal, [...]

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  • Agricultural Bank of China Ltd IPO To Raise $30 Billion

    The Ups and Sobering Downs of World’s Biggest IPO About: Agricultural Bank of China Ltd, Hong Kong stock exchange, Shanghai Stock Exchange, Industrial & Commercial Bank of China Ltd, Bank of Agriculture, Agricultural Bank IPO, Agricultural Bank Investors will be watching very closely as China announces the final details of the world’s biggest stock offering [...]

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  • China’s Car Market Remains Pivotal For Auto Giants

    China’s Auto Industry Soars About: Toyota (NYSE: TM), General Motors, Moody’s Investors Service, Shanghai GM Yes, China’s burgeoning automobile market will eventually calm down from what can only be described as parabolic growth. Moody’s Investors Service even predicted negative growth in Chinese auto demand for the fourth quarter of this year, but going forward this [...]

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  • Don’t Wager On Vegas ~ China’s Gaming Industry is a Jackpot

    “Don’t Bet On Vegas. Not When China is on a Hot Streak” Investors who are betting on a comeback in Las Vegas should consider putting their chips on the other side of the Pacific. Macau has just confirmed reports that it has almost doubled its in gambling revenues. By comparison, Las Vegas is still straining [...]

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  • Growing Chorus Calls China Stocks a Bargain

    “….the time to buy Chinese stocks is now, ” says Black Rock Inc. Issuing dire warnings about China’s economy and stock markets became a bit of a fad in financial media last month. Getting the most ink was Dr. Doom, Marc Faber, publisher of the Gloom Boom and Doom newsletter. Faber made headlines by saying [...]

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  • A World of Hurt, of PIIGS, and “Mispriced” China Stocks

    “Flat World”, famously observed by economist Thomas Friedman The “flat world”, famously observed by economist Thomas Friedman, is also very much a hurting world, at least as far as most shareholders are concerned. In Friedman’s vision of a “flat world” the entire planet is economically interconnected. Events in one region are felt instantly around the [...]

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  • Chinese Economic Growth Confirmed by Global Insights

    Can You Hear Me Now? China’s Story Loud and Clear It seems that many financial writers, bloggers and internet denizens are having trouble accepting the remarkable China growth story. When China announced that the nation’s first quarter growth had hit a blazing 11.9 percent annualized, many scoffed. How could it be, they wondered, that the [...]

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  • PepsiCo Seeking To Capture More Of China Market

    PepsiCo Looks To Bolster China Presence PepsiCo (NYSE: PEP), the world’s second-largest soft drink maker, said it plans to spend $2.5 billion over the next three years in China as it seeks to bolster its presence in the world’s largest country. New York-based PepsiCo announced $1 billion in China investments in 2008 and that total [...]

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