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Archive for May, 2011
Dumping the Dollar? An Advisor Speaks
Jim Trippon: Chief Investment Analyst

I don't usually do this. As editor of the China Stock Digest I reserve the content of our publication exclusively for subscribers. No, I'm not giving away our stock picks but I think it is important to share my concerns about the dollar with readers of the Global Profits Alert.

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A Financial Tsunami? The Next Great Market Opens Up
George Wolff: China Economy Analyst

I've been waiting a long time for this day to come. Shanghai is about to step onto the global stage as the world's next great financial hub.

The turning point will be the creation of the so-called "International Board", and we're hearing that it's going to be launched very soon.

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Seek Quality Dividends
Jim Trippon: Chief Investment Analyst

In their quest for dividend income, many investors naturally seek high yield. Whether this involves stocks or fixed income investments, or some combination of both, it's often an attempt to garner better returns than either low-paying money markets, CDs or Treasurys. There's nothing wrong with that quest, especially if you've looked at the yields of those ordinary income vehicles lately.

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