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Category: ETF Profit Report
Commodities Will Move the Markets Again in the Week Ahead
Jim Trippon: Chief Investment Analyst

The real story, by far, last week was the price collapse of global commodity markets. Materials prices declined across the board from metals to crude oil to the grain markets.

This decline will be a huge educator for all of whom I refer to as the amateur

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MLPs Show Their Mettle Once Again
Jim Trippon: Economy Expert

The past few weeks have reminded investors that play the energy patch of a couple of critical points. First, political tensions in the Middle East will always be a market mover for oil prices, and in turn, select oil equities. Egypt proves as much and if you don't believe me, ask anyone you know that owns shares of Apache (NYSE: APA)

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Small-Caps And Dividends: A Potent Combination
Jim Trippon: Founder, Trippon Financial Media, Inc.

Stocks with the designation "small-cap" can get a bum wrap from investors, particularly dividend hunters. Many investors cringe at the very mention of the words small and cap as they apply to stocks. They get images in their heads of those crazy e-mails touting the next 10-cent oil company operating in the Bakken Shale that will put Exxon out of business or the ones about the 5-cent Canadian gold company that is sitting on more gold than there is in Fort Knox.

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