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Category: George Wolff
China's Context
George Wolff: China Economy Analyst

If you are immersed in financial news daily as many of us are, it's very easy to become more and more caught up in the rapid changes. If you are watching the markets to find the right moment perhaps to trade a stock you own, particularly in what has been a summer of volatility, it's easy to get caught up in the moment by moment market changes.

Sometimes it's necessary to be immersed

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Buffett Jumps the Gun. Don't Follow Him Into China!
George Wolff: China Economy Analyst

Reviewing this month's theme in the upcoming China Stock Digest reminds me vividly of the financial tsunami now facing the world. The huge changes spawned by China's rising economic power have only just begun to take shape.

Reading about China's auto industry brings to mind an issue that has nagged the mainland's business leaders and mandarins for years. Why isn't China more like Japan by now?

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Things Go Better With China. That's Where the Money's Moving Now!
George Wolff: China Economy Analyst

The fizz has gone completely out of world stock markets thanks to Europe's panic over its massive debt problems. But that hasn't meant an end to huge global investment moves. Aggressive companies like Coca Cola (KO) are still charging ahead with multi-billion dollar initiatives aimed at a more profitable future.

The latest and biggest move has to be Coca Cola's $4 billion dollar China challenge. In a

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