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China Stock Digest is the premier, independent research firm that evaluates the publicly traded companies of China from the perspective of individual investors. Founded on ___ by Jim Trippon, Editor-in-Chief and world-renowned financial advisor, this first investment newsletter is designed to inform investors of the best research and investing information on China. In 2007, Dow Jones ranked China Stock Digest as the #1 China investment newsletter and #2 highest performing investment research among its competitors.

China Stock Digest offers commendable benefits to its Elite and Standard Members, such as workshops, access to an updated portfolio of China’s stocks, teleconference series and much more! All of the stocks covered by China Stock Digest may be purchased by U.S. investors in U.S.-based retail brokerage accounts. We do not accept advertising or compensation whatsoever from any of the researched companies that appear in our publication, and our newsletter is completely funded by reader subscriptions, live events and the annual China Investors Fieldtrip. Therefore, China Stock Digest analysis is purely made by the in-depth finding of Jim Trippon and his financial analysts.
China Stock Digest’s mission is simple. Our newsletter is committed to promoting a straightforward economical perspective on China’s stocks’ current trends, as well as what important information every prospective investor should know. Our subscribers are hooked in our proven success of helping them find a path towards their own achievements.
*Unfortunately, due to SEC regulations, the China Stock Digest cannot provide individualized advice or recommendations for any specific subscriber.