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China Stock Digest is America’s premier research firm that evaluates the publicly traded companies of China. We provide this service from the perspective of the individual investor who is open to exploring international stocks as a method of improving their investment results. Our positive track record is unmatched among pure-play China equity research firms; a fact that we are quite proud of.Recently, we were rated both #1* and #2** by Dow Jones’s — Hulbert Financial Digest for portfolio performance. We are also the only US investment newsletter firm to employ permanent staff in Mainland China. For 2007, our portfolio performance exceeded our closest competitor’s by over 100%.***

All of the stocks covered by China Stock Digest may be purchased by US investors in US based retail brokerage accounts. We accept no advertising or compensation whatsoever from any of the companies we research to appear in our publication. Our publication is completely funded by reader subscriptions and our live events, such as our investor boot camps and annual China Investors Fieldtrip.

Everywhere we turn it seems there is a new self-proclaimed China investment expert. Dig a bit deeper and all too often you will find that these so called “China experts” either have no real China experience, or have a dismal performance history. Spend a few moments with our comparison chart, and we believe you’ll agree with us that China Stock Digest is the right choice for you.


Comparison Chart

Features CHINA STOCK DIGEST Hsu’s China Strategy China Stock Reports
Covers stocks in all 4 China Stock Exchanges X

Maintains offices in Hong Kong & Shanghai

Has full time employees inside China X X
Rated as superior for portfolio performance by Dow Jones X
Written by an Editor who has experience working inside China X X
Uncensored investment reports filed from X
analysts inside Mainland China
Maintains a network of local Chinese CPAs to inspect companies X


A Burning Question That Every Intelligent Investor Must Consider in 2008 and Beyond!

Can China, the world’s most populous nation, continue its booming growth while the U.S. economy lags?

The answer is a resounding YES!

While China may have been the junior partner in its relations with the U.S. not so long ago, that day has most certainly passed. Not only does China hold the upper hand with America, but it also has many other trading partners which it can rely upon (not to mention a thriving domestic market that promises to soon be the most lucrative in the world). China will overtake Germany as the world’s third-largest economy in 2008 and will quadruple in size by 2020. It is a nation of 1.3 billion producers and consumers, and even U.S. companies are salivating over the opportunity to do business in China due to its growing middle class.

Big-cap American stocks like Alcoa, DuPont, and Wal-Mart are counting on Chinese demand to fuel their growth strategies for 2008 and beyond, and many investors think that buying U.S. stocks with a footprint in China is the best way to capitalize on the Chinese bull stock market. Boy, are they wrong! Why settle for investing in a company of which China is only a small slice, albeit a lucrative one? Why not go for the pure play? With China Stock Digest you can.

There’s a propensity for dime-a-dozen financial advisors to steer their clients into “global mutual funds” as a “safe play” in China. The problem is that these funds invest in stocks from all over the world, including the U.S. and even the so-called “Asian” or misleading “Chinese” funds who often hold the stocks of non-Chinese companies. Again, if you’re looking to profit from China’s economic boom, why dilute your investments? Why not go for the pure play?

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Some mistakenly think that investing in China is “risky.” All investments carry risk, but China Stock Digest shows a bias in favor of low-P/E, blue-chip Chinese stocks. We avoid speculative Internet and other high-tech plays. In order to give you the additional safety of wide diversification, we follow the universe of roughly 300 stocks that trade in China on the Hong Kong, Taiwan, Shanghai, and Shenzhen exchanges, and also trade in the United States as ADRs (American Depository Receipts). This means that you can buy and sell the stocks featured in China Stock Digest with your regular online or full-service broker, and you do not need to open an account with any of the Chinese exchanges.

And of course, there is the popular misconception that China remains a “communist” country, and its publicly traded companies are forever in danger of being “expropriated” by the Chinese Communist Party. The truth is that the Chinese government exerts far less control over business than the governments of the U.S. and Europe, and China is becoming more and more capitalist each and every day. You do not need to worry about China’s President Hu Jintao morphing into Hugo Chavez.

Furthermore, most Western economists agree that China’s continuing evolution from socialism to capitalism will inevitably bring about more personal freedom for the Chinese. The liberal arm of the media loves to highlight the so-called “human rights” abuses of the Chinese government, and while they’re usually overstated, there is some truth to their reporting. Of course, what they don’t tell you is that China is becoming a much more open and free place by the day and that the foreign investors who provide capital for Chinese entrepreneurs are quickly ushering in a new era of freedom in the land once dominated by Mao Zedong, previous communist leader in China.

While that’s all well and good, we at China Stock Digest realize that you’re in the markets primarily for one reason: to make money. Our newsletter is devoid of any politically-correct spin or ideologically driven analysis. You know that China is where you need to be, but you might be uncomfortable investing in companies that aren’t widely covered by U.S. analysts. We understand that concern, and that is our reason for being here.

You would think that given the widely held belief that China will be the economic powerhouse of the 21st century, there would be armies of analysts stationed throughout China producing dozens of investment newsletters and websites for individual investors. Well, you would be wrong. In fact, China Stock Digest is the only advisory for U.S. investors with a full staff of research analysts located in China! Other newsletters may act as if they have their “boots on the ground” in China, but they don’t!

China Stock Digest is also America’s #1-performing Chinese-stock newsletter. Our China Stock Digest model portfolio was up over 39% in 2006 (more than any other China newsletter), and almost 2.5 times greater than the S&P 500 in a good year for the U.S. market!

What allows me to find these great stocks? Well, as you probably know by now, China Stock Digest is the only Chinese-stock newsletter with permanent offices in China. I am observing the Chinese Capitalist Revolution firsthand, so picks that earn returns of 58% in 2007 are virtually self-evident. I have my finger on the pulse of the greatest economic bull market in human history, and I’m willing to share my keen insights with you for the low price of less than $30 a month.

Great Deal! – One-Year Subscription for $397.00
(12 issues) 100% Money-Back Guarantee
Best Deal! – Two-Year Subscription for $597.00
(24 issues) 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Maybe you’ve been burned by other investment newsletters that made hollow promises in flashy sales pitches. Well, I’m so confident that you will find China Stock Digest to be an indispensable investment tool, I’m willing to offer you a 30-day trial subscription, free of charge. And as always, there’s a 100% money-back guarantee with all products and services.

With all of this in mind, the real question is: What are you waiting for?

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Thank you once again for your interest in the Chinese Capitalist Revolution.

Jim Trippon

* – China Stock Digest was rated the #1 pure-play China investment research newsletter by Dow Jones– Hulbert Financial Digest for the calendar year 2007.

** – China Stock Digest was also rated #2 by Dow Jones’s — Hulbert Financial Digest as the second highest performing investment research for total return among ALL financial newsletter categories (i.e. US equities, Foreign equities and Global equities) for the calendar year 2007.

*** – We outperformed the net return for Robert Hsu’s China Strategy by over two to one for the calendar year ended December 31, 2007. All returns figures have been independently verified by third party sources.