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If you follow the news about China, then you may be concerned about what you’re hearing lately. Slower growth and a widening trade deficit are among the stories being told about China. But what is really happening and what does China’s future look like? That’s what the American investor wants to know.

Jim Trippon oversees a group of analysts not only here in the U.S., but also inside Mainland China. As a result, his finger is on the direct pulse of the Chinese economy; an economy that we believe will continue to grow into your grandchildren’s future.

We encourage you to REGISTER NOW for our exclusive webinar that will inform and enlighten you about China and its growing economy. Jim will show you how to take advantage of investing in Chinese Stocks traded through the U.S. exchanges (NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX) and help you becoming your own CHINA STOCK GURU.

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Kelley Damiani
Vice President

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