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Who We Are

China Stock Digest is the premier, independent, research firm that evaluates the publicly traded companies of China from the perspective of individual investors.

China Stock Digest was the first investment newsletter for individuals that want to own their piece of China, the world’s fastest growing economy. We are ranked both #1* and #2** by Dow Jones for performance. (A a fact that drives our competitors crazy.).

We maintain permanent staff and financial analysts stationed 24/7 in major cities of Mainland China, and throughout the Far East.

All of the stocks covered by China Stock Digest may be purchased by US investors in US based retail brokerage accounts. We accept no advertising or compensation whatsoever from any of the companies we research to appear in our publication. Our publication is completely funded by reader subscriptions and our live events, such as our investor boot camps and annual China Investors Fieldtrip.

China Stock Digest is edited by Jim Trippon, CPA, a bestselling author and the personal investment advisor to some of America’s wealthiest families, private trusts, and charitable foundations. Trippon, a former Price Waterhouse CPA, has worked inside China and successfully invested in China’s financial markets for years. Trippon divides his time between his offices in Mainland China and Houston, Texas.

China Stock Digest is designed to inform investors of the best research and investing information on China. Through our newsletter, special reports and email alerts, we provide our subscribers with the most up-to-date information on the Chinese markets and stocks available anywhere.

Unfortunately, due to SEC regulations, the China Stock Digest cannot provide individualized advice or recommendations for any specific subscriber.

* – China Stock Digest was rated the #1 pure-play China investment research newsletter by Dow Jones– Hulbert Financial Digest for the calendar year 2007.

** – China Stock Digest was also rated by Dow Jones– Hulbert Financial Digest as the #2 highest performing investment research for total return among ALL financial newsletter categories (i.e. US equities, Foreign equities and Global equities) for the calendar year 2007.

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